Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Education


Department of Arts Education

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

You can find a job in the following areas: 

  • Teaching
  •  Educational Administration
  •  Print and Electronic media
  •  Administration

Entry Requirements: 

The elective passes should include any three (3) of the following subjects: Literature in English, French, Ghanaian Language (Akan/Ewe/Dagare/ Ga), History, Religious Studies and Music. 

The following are the various combinations • English/French

• English/Ghanaian Language

• English/Religious Studies

• English/Music

• English/History

• French/Ghanaian Language

• French/Religious Studies

• French/Music

• French/History

• Ghanaian Language/Religious Studies

• Ghanaian Language/Music

• Ghanaian Language/History

• History/Religious Studies

• History/Music

• Music/Religious Studies

Career Opportunities: 

You can find a job in the following areas: 
 Teaching

 Educational Administration

 Print and Electronic media

 Administration

Programme Structure

Level 100

First Semester

CMS 107: Communicative Skills I
3 Credit(s)

Engaging in academic work at the university is challenging. This course is aimed at equipping fresh students to make the transition from pre-university level to the university level. It assists them in engaging and succeeding in complex academic tasks in speaking, listening, reading and writing. It also provides an introduction to university studies by equipping students with skills that will help them to engage in academic discourse with confidence and fluency.

ILT 101: Information Literacy
1 Credit(s)

The rationale of the course is to equip students with skills that will enable them access and retrieve information in the traditional, hybrid and digital libraries. Students will be able to use ICT efficiently and effectively when they have basic knowledge of computers. The course content include: Types of libraries, library resources and their uses, the role the library plays in the academic community, introduction to computers, the internet.

Second Semester

CMS 108: Communicative Skills II
3 Credit(s)

This is a follow-up course on the first semester one. It takes students through writing correct sentences, devoid of ambiguity, through the paragraph and its appropriate development to the fully-developed essay. The course also emphasizes the importance and the processes of editing written work.