Vision Statement

The vision of the College is to play a leading role in the training of high calibre personnel for Ghanaian educational institutions and research educational systems; adopt a range of theoretical, methodological and disciplinary approaches; and enhance policy and practice in education by providing high quality programmes of education, training and consultancy with and for its key constituencies, locally and internationally.

Mission Statement

Its mission is to provide opportunities for the development of critical thinking, to challenge both staff and students to be creative and responsive to national needs and aspirations and to forge links with local and international institutions of higher learning.

Core Values

  • Diversity: Relying on the strength we have through the diverse background of our students, staff and faculty, we provide equal opportunity to all and strive to care for each other both personally and professionally.
  • Openness: We are open to accepting multiple perspectives from our students, staff, faculty and our stakeholders.
  • Transparency: We operate in a transparent manner that portrays our accountability to each other, our students and the general university.
  • Collaboration: Guided by the knowledge that one person does not have all the answers we are dedicated to a constructive and team-oriented working and learning environment.
  • Excellent Service: To make our students competitive in today’s contemporary world, we make every effort to provide them with excellent service.
  • Continuous professional growth: We strive to attain operational excellence by providing professional development activities for our staff in an on-going manner.
  • Innovation: We encourage innovation through creative and critical thinking and the use of contemporary technology.